Project 24 For Employers

The Power of Knowledge

Project 24 is designed to give your employees the most important information they need to make informed important decisions regarding your finances, independence and future.  During Project 24 employees will learn the proven, Copy-Written process for making financial decisions and learn how to apply the vital principles to the values and goals you work hard to achieve. 

Your benefits are deciphered and implemented throughout our process - giving your employees valuable insight and real life examples of how, when and why to utilize their employer sponsored / voluntary benefits - and most importantly, how your benefits integrate into the fabric of their financial livelihoods.

Classes are given twice per month and are EXCLUSIVE to your employees.  The password-protected live Zoom class is recorded for later use.  Each class lasts approximately 30-45 minutes and can be viewed anywhere your employee feels most comfortable.  

By signing on to Project 24, you and your employees will have access to our online classes and resources as well as gain direct access to our educators throughout the 12 month period.

Contact us today for additional information and to see what we can do for you and your employees.

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Straightforward Group Pricing

Small Groups

1-20 Employees



21-75 Employees


Large Groups

76-150 Employees


Giant Employers

151+ Employees


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